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We tried to think of everything and things you need to know to make your stay rock.

The LOFT is a "max 3-person" gorgeous, rock n' roll place to rest, work, entertain and even cook, if you want! New and it is all yours. You can stay in a hotel but why would you? Save the money and live like a King here!

Cleaning/Disinfection service daily. We even will do your clothes washing on-site.

We have our price for the studio and we add a small amount on, daily, if you choose to stay in the loft.

New, Fresh Air and Heat/Cold Air Systems throughout building, including air filtering, circulation and dehumidifying.

Runner/tech on call, anything you need, take out, Deliveroo, someone here to make sure you have anything you need.

"Club House" for relaxing, referencing mixes, eating or hanging out/meetings.

Your own on-site private Gym that includes a sauna, new Peleton and Pilates equipment, yoga, tanning booth, basketball and a tennis court 60 seconds from the Loft. For aching hours in a chair, use an in-house massage service and/or use our back massaging/heat chair accessory. 

Durham Cathedral, castles, river, restaurants, Starbucks, local cuisine and drink, pubs, movie theaters, all types of hotels and spas nearby.

Get to the center of Durham by walking along river for 15 minutes.

Hospital/Dentist 5 minutes away.

There are 2 airports nearby and a train station – take a quick flight up from London, drive if you are in the UK or train it…


It’s easy to get to the Newcastle Airport from most major airports.


Photos & Videos below. 

LOFT & extras

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